Green Recycling

Green Recycling

Unlimited on-site pickup of e-waste

  • EPA Certified
  • Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Weekly to Yearly Pickup Scheduling
  • No Labor or Transportation Fees
Asset Management

Asset Management

Complete tracking of all acquired materials

  • Chain of Custody Asset Disposition
  • Detailed reports including asset specifications and serial number
Data Protection

Data Protection

Military grade data wiping, degaussing, and physical destruction available

  • FREE DoD5220.22-M Data Sanitation
  • Compliance with DOD, FISMA,
  • No minimum quantity
Per asset
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Clean and Green

E-Waste collected is repurposed, or destroyed, separated into components and recycled. Our company produces less than 0.5% waste on the materials we collect.

FREE DoD5220.22-M

The industry standard DoD5220.22-M sanitization method is implemented free-of-charge on every hard drive or data-storage media that enters our premises.

Next Day Service

E-waste pickup and data destruction services available the next day when scheduled before 2 PM CST.

Our Guarantee

1) All data stored on any media will be permanently erased. DoD5220.22-M sanitization is performed on EVERY hard drive that enters our premises. Other media is completely and permanently destroyed.

2) No equipment will ever reach a landfill. KRAM publishes all pertinent data, such as weights of recycled equipment, weights and types of waste disposed of here.

Hassle-Free Methodology

index KRAM charges only one yearly fee. With our services, KRAM staff will provide equipment removal and pickup, including but not limited to physical removal of equipment, palletizing of equipment, loading and hauling of equipment to KRAM's secure facility. Collection boxes and pallets will be available upon request for easy loading and removal.

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